Senior Presentation Designer

I had my one year review this week and was promoted to Senior Presentation Designer!! It is now my responsibility to manage any presentation and graphics used by the retail department for company communications. To be honest it is mostly just a title promotion but it comes with a bonus so I’m not complaining!! I will still personally be making most of the presentations and sales lists, but I will have greater authority to contact the graphics department with needs and requests.  

I continue to hope that eventually I will be able to transfer to a job in production. I have done a good job connecting with people in those departments. Part of what got me this promotion was my willingness to communicate with other departments and provide them with graphics and presentation assistance. It is nice to have my hard work recognized, but some times I am worried my success in this roll may make it harder to transfer into production and manufacturing. 

Ultimately the thing that is most surprising about my one year review. Is that I have already been living in Los Angeles for a year!?! I think it has something to do with the weather. All of the days look the same so it is hard to feel the passage of time. Also time flies when your are having fun, and to be honest. I have enjoyed Los Angeles more than I ever expected. Though one of my favorite parts of LA is leaving the city to go camping. When I am done camping, coming back feels like I am coming home. 

Keep on Keeping on,

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