Bye Bye Miss American Apparel

After 2 years in the factory, and 4 years with the company I am excited to be moving on from American Apparel! It was a good run. I am thankfull for the friends that I made at the company, and the fact that it brought me out to LA, but it is time to move on. 

Presentation design was okay, but it was not exactly challenging. Also I feel that I was working myself in to a corner. The more I excelled as a presentation designer. The less likely I was to move in to a production roll. 

Now I am finally back in product design!! In a couple weeks I will start work as an associate designer for Brendan Ravenhill. He is a lighting and furniture designer working out of his home in Echo Park. I enjoy his designs and cant wait to be working with my hands again. 

My primary responsibility will be to assemble and wire lights. Including myself the company will be 5 people. So my presentation prowess and Photoshop skills will come in handy, because I will also be responsible for much of the company graphics design needs.

American Apparel… It has been real, and it has been fun,

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