Brendan Ravenhill Check In.

Working with Brendan is great!! It feels so good to be working with my hands again and I am learning a ton. Learning about both, small bath production, and coordinating; manufacturing, budgets, and sales. At American Apparel I dealt with inventory management and sales, but I mostly felt like I was just checking boxes. Now I am much more present.

When I started it was pretty much a non stop rush to ICFF (the Inter Continental Furniture Festival). Brendan was exhibiting for his second year and showcasing a new set of lights. As i got trained on production, I also jumped in to lead the creation of the new look book and editing photos for the website. 

The event appears to have been a smashing success because we have been in full scale production mode for a month now. I am happy to be off the computer, or at least on it much less. Most of the time I am constructing and wiring lamps but I have also gotten to do some 3D modeling and prototyping of new parts. I taught myself Solidworks for this job and it is definitely my favorite 3D program.

The craziest thing I have learned about so far is UL (Underwriters Laboratories). It is literally everywhere. You can find their logo on pretty much any electronic you will encounter, and if you want to sell lamps it is a big deal. 

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