Spade Studio Fall 2015

After a handful of local sales events. We have come up with our fall 2015 product line. I set up connections for production of components. things like shades and concrete components, So they no longer need to be produced in the wood-shop. It helps to make the operation scale-able in prep for increased sales through the holidays and beyond.

The current priority will be to stream line our website online purchasing. There have had some great sales days at the Rosebowl Flea Market, but I think events like Unique and Renegade Craft Fairs bring more of the demographic we want. Going to these events are crucial for maintaining direct sales but I believe the focus will need to switch to online and sales driven by marketing at these events. One of the best contacts made at the last Unique, was not to a direct customer, but with a representative for the drop-shipping company Houzz. We are now selling on their website and have already generated unsolicited sales.

I am happy with the line so far but am excited to revisit our offerings next year. I feel like it is going to be hard to find labor cheep enough to take much of the wood working off my hands when scaling up some of these products. If someone ordered 50 vinyl tables today, which is the goal, I dont think I would be able to offer them at the same price because the production costs of additional labor to get it accomplished, wouldn’t leave much profit for Spade Studio or myself. I could also raise the price but right now it is important to generate as many sales as possible. Increasing the price may scare off some individuals.  

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves We must focus on the Holiday markets that are fast approaching. In addition to the web prep needed for these events. We are going to need to get ahead of component production. To be ready for what is hopefully a jump in sales. 

Back to work,

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