Spade Studio Fall 2016

I have come up with a new CAM heavy product line to offer at Spade Studio. Featuring the Saddle Chair and Nest Lights. All of which are laser cut from birch plywood. The fact that they are laser cut make the production easily to scale up and offer bulk discounts. An added benefit is that they can be stored flat until they need to be produced. 

One of the issues I have with the 2015 line is the shades require a lot of storage area and where quite delicate. Now I can store about 10 Nest lamps in the same area it would take to store the shade one of my mid-sized wall lamps. With all of the components on hand, the Nest Lights can be assembly in less than 30min. They are also very durable when assembled and since there is no need for a plastic backing to the shade, they cannot be punctured or dented. 

The Nest lights use a piece of yarn wrapped around the birch ply skeleton to create its shade. I find many lights now (especially laser cut ones) have mostly exposed bulbs. I personally feel like this is bad design. Either you are getting to much direct light to your eyes, or the light relies on the use of special and often expensive bulbs. Using yarn was my way to create a shade that still has the flat storage benefits of a laser cut lamp while also defusing the light from the bulb. 



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