SCI-Arc – 3D printing Coordinator


SCI-Arc is a small (about 500 students) independent architecture college that was started in Los Angeles. The school is regularly ranked in the top ten architectural schools in the USA and focuses on avant garde architecture. The full-time faculty are all practicing architects and the school regularly hosts the biggest names in architecture as guest faculty including; Frank Gehry, Thom Mayne, Bill Kreysler, and Mark Foster Gage .

I started at SCI-Arc as a Digital Fabrication Technician. My primary duties were to operate, maintain, and repair the digital manufacturing equipment (CNC Mills, Laser Cutters, and 3D printers), advise for the safe use of our metal and wood-shop, and communicating technical and scheduling information to the students. 

In October 2017 I was promoted to my current roll as 3D printing Coordinator. At which point I became Responsible for the scheduling of the 18 3D printers operated in our shop, managing 4 full-time Digital Fabrications Technicians, hiring work studies (student workers), tracking & interpreting printer data, managed the 3D printing budget & consumables inventory, researching new technologies for potential investments, communicating technical abilities of our equipment to faculty and administration, and teaching students how to 3D model for printing. 

In addition to my daily responsibilities I also, planned and implemented a web portal that allowed students to submit and process files for 3D printing remotely. I designed the workflow, communicated with a development team to program the portal, and create the necessary features, created training material for staff and students and lead the rollout of the new system. This portal completely changed how the 3D print shop operated, how students submitted files, and took in over a quarter million dollars of revenue a year. 


Spade Studio & Freelance Work 

2015 – Present 

In 2015 I started working full time at my company Spade Studio. I started making and selling a line of Lighting and furniture. To help make ends meet I wold also take on freelance jobs in; set design, subcontractor construction, custom furnishing, 3D modeling, and technical drafting. 

As the only full time employee at Spade Studio I was responsible for everything from designing to delivery. The most rewarding, and the most difficult part of running Spade Studio was sales. It was great going to trade shows and retailer and hear from people that liked my work, but I am not the greatest sales man. My first employee will definitely be a sales man.

Brendan Ravenhill  – Associate Designer 


2014 I worked as a associate designer for Brendan Ravenhill. At the time I was hired the company was a 5 man operation working out of Brendan’s guest room/garage. My primary responsibilities where to, assemble and wire lights on order, manage the build list, design graphics and booklets for print and web production, and photo editing. Since there where only 5 of us we all took on extra responsibilities.

At the time of my departure the staff had doubled and I helped move into and build out a 3,000 sq/ft office space and production facility. I only worked with Brendan for a year but I leaned a great deal about the how to run a furniture studio, and manage production of components locally.  Most importantly, I gained the confidence in my work needed to start selling it on my own. 

American Apparel – Senior Presentation Designer 

2010 – 2014

At the end of my time with American Apparel I was in charge of all presentations and graphics coming out of the retail department. Organizing and visualizing retail data and sales information. I also managed the third party sales photography library.

I started as a stockroom employee at a store in Chicago. While working at the store I learned a lot about inventory management and allocation. I was able to move in to a back-stock coordinator roll and eventually demonstrate my design abilities and ambition. Which lead to me being offered the  presentation design roll in Los Angeles.